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Sexual Assault

Advocacy & Support

Outer Banks Hotline advocates are specially trained to support survivors and their friends and loved ones through the challenges that follow experiences of sexual violence. The first step to receive services is to meet with one of our advocates so we can understand your goals and determine the best way to support you.

Based on what you need; our advocates can provide:

Emotional Support

As you are processing your experience, they will listen and provide a knowledgeable supportive presence.

Medical Accompaniment

The Outer Banks Hotline advocates are on call 24 hours a day every day of the year to accompany sexual assault survivors in the Outer Banks Hospital Emergency Room.

Legal Accompaniment (if applicable)

We do not provide legal advocates.  However, our advocates can help prepare survivors for the legal process and will accompany survivors to police interviews and court appearances if requested.

Case Management

As needs arise, advocates problem-solve with their clients and help them make connections with local resources.

Referrals to Therapy

Advocates and help connect survivors to trauma informed therapists through in person or virtual meetings.

Talk to an Advocate