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Court Advocacy

Court Advocacy

The Outer Banks Hotline’s Victim Assistance Court Advocacy Program assists those who seek to file or renew 50B Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPOs) or 50C No Contact Orders because they have been recently assaulted, threatened and/or stalked. Our advocates accompany them to court for all of their hearings, civil or criminal, to offer a supportive presence, explain procedures and help them navigate the legal system which can be complex, intimidating and often re-traumatizing.  While we do not offer legal advice, advocates can connect them to resources such as Legal Aid and translation services when necessary. While a lot of our work involves explaining procedures and talking about options for safety, we are also there to sit with them and provide moral and emotional support every step of the way.  Victim Assistance Court Advocates also provide a number of additional services, including:

  • Ability to assist survivors in their preferred/primary language
  • Crisis intervention
  • Safety planning
  • Photo documentation of injuries
  • Civil and criminal court accompaniment

Our goal is to assist clients in regaining control of their lives, whatever that looks like for them. Every situation is unique and our advocates work to provide the best outcome for each individual or family. We will help make changes to the order, if needed, and assist with filing violations if the abuser makes contact during the duration of the order.